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Microchip and Tags

Get your pet microchipped AND order a set of two legally-compliant Animal Tracker enamel tags in one easy procedure. Top quality resin-coated enamel tags - will last the lifetime of your pet!

UK law requires that dogs are microchipped, and when in a public place, must also display a tag on the collar, giving the owner's name and address. Now, dog owners can obtain and/or register a compliant microchip AND order two top-quality tags through an easy, quick and convenient process offered by Peddymark, Animal Tracker and Tagmarket, the UK's premier pet identification companies.

Start the process by finding a qualified and registered implanter in your area

Peddymark has a database of trained, trusted and reliable implanters, so you can rest assured your pet is in safe hands.

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If your pet already has an Animal Tracker Microchip,

Once registered, you can order the Animal Tracker pet tags.

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Need a Custom Design?

TagMarket has made tens of thousands of tags for many customers.

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