Aluminium Tags

We have over 125 colours, shapes and sizes in the anodised aluminium range. Light-weight, but extremely tough and scratch-resistant, these are amongst the most popular tags we sell.The anodised layer is extremely hard - second only to diamond in hardness (it's aluminium oxide - also known as corundum). When we engrave your text we run the engraving tool over the tag FOUR times. This ensures that the lettering is crisp, sharp and very visible.

Many pet tag suppliers sell inferior aluminium tags, where the oxide layer is very thin. Our tags have an anodised layer up to FIVE TIMES THICKER than cheaper tags. This makes our tags amongst the strongest available. Beware of cheap aluminium tags - if the anodising is too thin, the tag is weak and inferior.

* Handy Hint:
For good contrast between the lettering and the tag background, choose a darker colour tag.

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