Animal Charities - Vets

We are amazed at the number of dogs, cats, horses and many other pets in the UK that are ruthlessly abandoned by their owners. Fortunately, there are many charities that do what they can to rescue these animals and re-house them with more responsible owners - usually at considerable cost.

Vets play a vital role in Animal Welfare, and we have made tags for - and on behalf of - many veterinary surgeries. We manufactured "Blood Donor" tags for the Willow Vet Group which they handed to all pet owners who allowed their pets to donate blood - as vital as this is to pets as it is to humans... Watch the short video.

Custom made pet blood-donor tags for The Willows Veterinary Group

The Willows Veterinary Group contributes to the pet Blood Bank.
Dogs that donate blood receive a special red heart tag.

The Tag Market can offer cheaper, but good quality Pet ID tags, to both the charities that rescue these animals, and to their new owners. But we need to establish your legitimacy as the offer is to genuine, registered charities and to new owners who must prove they have obtained their new pet from such an organisation. To find out more, and how you can obtain top-quality ID tags for these animals, please send us a message using our CONTACT PAGE.

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