Cheaper Elsewhere...?

Perhaps you have seen a similar tag at a lower price elsewhere. The critical element of the tag - the engraving - is what matters. If a tag is cheaper, it is usually because the engraving is done quickly and cheaply, often using machines that cannot deep-engrave. Nearly 25% of all pet tags we sell are to replace poor quality tags from other suppliers. Don't make the error of buying cheap... for a maginally higher price with us, you get quality - and we guarantee that.

Video: Deep Engraved Pet Tags

SEE HOW we do your pet tag engraving... It really matters that it is done properly with deep engraving.

We deep-engrave all pet tags by running a diamond-tipped engraving tool over the tag up to three times to ensure the engraving is permanent. We guarantee that the text will not fade for the lifetime of your pet. A lasting, durable and quality-engraved pet tag takes time and care to produce, so costs a little more - but you may never have to replace it because of fading text.




Cheap tags are mass-produced using cheap metal alloys. These metals are usually soft and brittle and one of the most common ways a pet tag gets lost is because the metal shears or snaps at the hole where the split ring is attached. Very little force is needed to break these cheap tags. A dog can even snap them when scratching - if his claws catch into the split ring.

Also, these cheap tags are mostly made from scrap metals, melted down indscriminately. Some contain harmful substances like too much un-bound lead, mercury or cadmium - not very nice substances. Our tags are made from known metal alloys, and we specify strict conditions about what alloys are used in their manufacture.

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